"I have been lucky enough to make a career of facilitating outdoor recreation, primarily as a fly fishing guide. As a guide, water quality and overall quality of the environment is of paramount importance. Trout is the species of fish that we target most often, and trout require the cleanest and coldest water to thrive. Therefore, if the quality of the environment decreases, my profession and salary will decrease as well. I support full funding of the LWCF to ensure continued protection of the environment around sensitive trout streams and across North Carolina."

- Tim Holcomb, forester
Western North Carolina,
Fishing Guide


 Why We Love LWCF

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The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) is a federal program that protects public lands in all 50 states – everything from iconic national parks like Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon, to your local community parks and ball fields.

We all benefit from LWCF, because it provides public access for recreation, preserves our nation’s historic and cultural sites, and protects fish and wildlife habitat. If you like to hike, camp, swim in clean water, hunt, fish, or photograph nature, LWCF is for you! Every year, $900 million in royalties paid by energy companies drilling for oil and gas on the Outer Continental Shelf of the U.S. are put into the LWCF. 

And it’s all done without tax payer dollars.

Yet, nearly every year, Congress breaks its own promise to the American people about how these funds will be used, and diverts much of this money to other things.

Please show your support for leaving this money where it belongs – in the Land and Water Conservation Fund, where it can be used to protect the places we all care about.

You can help by:

Tell us why you love LWCF and the great outdoors.  Here’s what to do:

1)   Check out where LWCF has been used in your state

a.     Federal Projects

b.     Stateside Grants (Click on Detailed Listing of Grants link)

2)   Plan a trip to one of these great places to do whatever it is you love to do in the great outdoors

3)   Print out a sign and write in where you’re going 

a.     e.g. “Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail"

b. Click HERE for a sign with large LWCF Logo or...

c. Click HERE for a sign with space to write where you are and/or Why You Love LWCF!

4)   When you get to this place, take a picture of yourself holding the sign (make sure we see you and some of the great outdoors scenery!) and post it on your Facebook Page and/or Twitter Page.

5)   Don’t forget to post it on the Land and Water Conservation Fund Facebook page and to add @LWCFCoalition to your Tweet. Use the same message you wrote on your sign!


Sample Tweets:

Did you know (insert the place they mentioned) was protected by the Land & Water Conservation Fund? #WhyWeLoveLWCF http://WhyWeLoveLWCF.org

The Land & Water Conservation Fund helped protect (insert place). Help keep LWCF strong by following @lwcfcoalition #WhyWeLoveLWCF

The Land & Water Conservation Fund protected (insert). Show your support by following @lwcfcoalition #WhyWeLoveLWCF

6)   Ask your friends to join the fun! Send them to WhyWeLoveLWCF.org so that they can tell you where they recreate and why they love LWCF too!

7)   Do it every time that you go someplace new!

Tweeting the hashtag #WhyWeLoveLWCF with a tweet about your favorite LWCF-funded place

Click HERE to see what LWCF has funded in your state!

Liking our Page on Facebook  

We’ll keep you updated on ways you can help protect LWCF so it can continue to protect the places you love.