"I have been lucky enough to make a career of facilitating outdoor recreation, primarily as a fly fishing guide. As a guide, water quality and overall quality of the environment is of paramount importance. Trout is the species of fish that we target most often, and trout require the cleanest and coldest water to thrive. Therefore, if the quality of the environment decreases, my profession and salary will decrease as well. I support full funding of the LWCF to ensure continued protection of the environment around sensitive trout streams and across North Carolina."

- Tim Holcomb, forester
Western North Carolina,
Fishing Guide




February 4, 2016 - President’s Budget Makes Historic Investment in Land and Water Conservation
WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Obama’s FY 2017 budget recommendations, released today, includes a continued commitment to full and dedicated funding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), America’s most important conservation program. The $900 million proposed for LWCF reaffirms a strong bipartisan dedication to protecting America’s irreplaceable natural, historic, cultural and recreational outdoor places. The budget’s commitment to full funding for LWCF is a significant victory for the conservation of America’s shared outdoor heritage.
“The President's Budget reaffirms the strong bipartisan support that LWCF has received for more than 50 years. It is a win for communities across the country that benefit from the economic, cultural and recreational value of America’s public lands and close-to-home recreation,” said Jamie Williams, President of The Wilderness Society. 
“LWCF has protected our natural and cultural resources for more than 50 years. It's a proven program that benefits families, communities and the economy," said Mark R. Tercek, President and CEO of The Nature Conservancy. “The president's budget request recognizes this critical work, and we hope the bipartisan majority in Congress that also supports LWCF will make it a reality. Congress, the Administration and the American people all support LWCF. It's time to turn that support into law.” 
“The President’s budget builds upon the bipartisan LWCF agreement included in last year’s omnibus spending bill, which significantly increased funding for LWCF and reauthorized the program for three years,” said Williams. “The LWCF Coalition will continue to work with the Administration, its bipartisan supporters in Congress, and with communities across the nation to enact full and dedicated funding for America’s most important conservation program. We will not rest until we have secured a meaningful and permanent commitment to conservation in America.”
A full list of projects contained in the President’s FY 17 Budget can be found here.