"The Land and Water Conservation Fund protects special places that people want to visit, like the Skagit River here in Washington. We make a living helping people experience these places. And visitors benefit local economies. I support full funding for the LWCF for the sake of rural communities, the tourists they draw and the nature around them."

- Rod Amundson
Wildwater River Tours, Inc.



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Great news! On April 20th – the U.S. Senate passed permanent authorization of LWCF! This is the first time permanent authorization has passed either chamber of Congress and it is a huge victory for this critical program.  Please contact your Senator by clicking here to thank them for supporting this vital legislation. You can see the list of all the Senators who voted for LWCF here.

Now the U.S. House of Representatives must follow suit, and we need your help.  As in the Senate, there is broad bipartisan support for legislation that would permanently reauthorize LWCF in the House (you can see the list of cosponsors here).  But the Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee is determined to ignore this bipartisan consensus in favor of his own extreme proposals to “reform” the program, placing dramatic limits on LWCF projects that would make most federal public lands conservation impossible.  This approach is not only bad for conservation, it’s bad for sportsmen’s access, for preservation of sacred battlefields and historic sites, and for our nation’s robust outdoor recreation economy.  Tell your representative today to oppose these radical changes to LWCF and that a bipartisan approach to permanently reauthorizing LWCF is the best way forward. Contact your legislator now

This is an absolutely critical moment for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). Last year, for the first time in the history of the program, we saw extremists in Congress successfully wind down the clock and let the LWCF expire. It was only through the work of hundreds of allied organizations in the Coalition, our champions in Congress and the White House, and dedicated supports of public lands, that we were able to bring this program back from the brink and save it -- at least for the short term.

In the budget agreement for Fiscal Year 2016, LWCF’s supporters in Congress secured a 50% increase in funding to $450 million for fiscal year 2016. This increase in funding – which is still only half of what the program should be receiving – is an opportunity to show the impact this program can have on our local communities. It is also a funding level that we must defend in the Fiscal Year 2017 appropriations process.

In the same budget agreement passed last December, Congressional champions also secured a three year reauthorization of the LWCF until September 2018. This short-term reauthorization, achieved in one of the most anti-conservation Congresses in history, was a true success but an incomplete one. We must continue to fight for permanent reauthorization. Our local communities, private landowners looking to protect their land for future generations, and outdoor recreation businesses need to know this program will be here for years to come.  Together we celebrate the huge milestone of Senate passage, but continuing threats are very real and there is much work left to do.

As we commemorate LWCF’s half-century track record of success, please reach out to your member of Congress and urge them to speak up for permanent funding and authorization of America’s most important conservation and recreation program.

Support Reauthorization and Full Funding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund

  • For more than 50 years, LWCF has provided critical funding for land and water conservation projects, outdoor recreation access, and the continued preservation of our nation’s historic, cultural and iconic landmarks. (Look up how LWCF has impacted your State here!)
  • LWCF is paid for with non-taxpayer dollars. Congress made a commitment to the American public that a small portion of revenues from offshore oil and gas drilling would go to outdoor recreation and conservation, as an offset for the depletion of resources that belong to us all.
  • We urge Members of Congress to speak up in support of permanent LWCF authorization, as well as robust funding for the program.

Sign on to support the Land and Water Conservation Fund!

Add your voice to the growing number of those organizations and individuals who want to let our Representatives know they support reauthorization and full and dedicated funding for the LWCF:

Urge your Senator to sign onto S.890

  • S.890 is a bill that would permanently reauthorize and provide full, dedicated and permanent funding of $900 million annually to the Land and Water Conservation Fund as authorized by Congress, and finally fulfill the promise that was made to the American people almost 50 years ago. Please ask your Senators to co-sponsor this bill in support of LWCF if they have not already, and thank your Senators for leading the charge for LWCF if they have.

Urge your Congressman/Congresswoman to sign onto H.R.1814

  • H.R.1814 is a companion to S. 338, a bipartisan bill that would permanently reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Please ask your Representatives to co-sponsor this bill in support of LWCF if they have not already, and thank your Representatives for leading the charge for LWCF if they have.