"I have been lucky enough to make a career of facilitating outdoor recreation, primarily as a fly fishing guide. As a guide, water quality and overall quality of the environment is of paramount importance. Trout is the species of fish that we target most often, and trout require the cleanest and coldest water to thrive. Therefore, if the quality of the environment decreases, my profession and salary will decrease as well. I support full funding of the LWCF to ensure continued protection of the environment around sensitive trout streams and across North Carolina."

- Tim Holcomb, forester
Western North Carolina,
Fishing Guide


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President Obama Speaks at Conference on Conservation- Praises Land and Water Conservation Fund- click below! (minute 6:54)

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Obama on plans to fund the Land & Water Conservation Fund using existing oil & gas revenue


Preserving fish & wildlife habitat and access for hunting and fishing is one of the many ways the Land & Water Conservation Fund protects our quality of life. 
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